Why it’s Important to Maintain a Healthy Environment



Without agreed upon customs followed around the world, society would typically be less clean and disorganized. One such custom is the maintenance of appearances and energy in an environment. You already know the benefits of physically cleaning a home or building, but what about energetically? What if I told you that physically cleaning was only part of truly “cleaning” a space?  What does the word clean mean?

Clean, adjective [kleen]

Free from pollution; unadulterated; pure | Free from foreign or extraneous matter | Characterized by a fresh, wholesome quality.

So for something to be truly “clean”, it includes energetically as well. If you think about what “free from foreign or extraneous matter means, we have to think about ALL matter. Not just dirt, bacteria, dust particles and hair from pets.

Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. Intentions, wishes, and dreams are all energy. They even have a minuscule amount of mass and weight; these are not just biochemical reactions in the brain because physics has revealed that everything is energy (E=mc²). After some time, negative or harmful thoughts and emotions begin to accumulate like a thick smog in an environment. This is the heart of the issue when it comes to practicing energy hygiene. Throughout your day you interact with so many people and things that you exchange energy with – more specifically atomic ions – that if you could see what was happening on an etheric level, you might just opt to live in a bubble. This article should help you identify the areas in your life that are weighing you down and what you can do to stay shielded from harmful energy.

It’s true.

The three physical states of matter – solid, liquid, and gas – are examples of how energy can manifest and recombine to create different forces and substances. Gases, like the carbon dioxide and oxygen we breathe, are mostly invisible. You can’t see the wind, but you know it’s there because you can feel it and watch it effect the trees. The energy that creates a human aura is the same way. Not always visible yet detectable with your senses.

Feng-shui originated in China over 4,000 years ago! The main application of feng-shui is to manage and control the flow of energy in a space using natural elements and the careful placement of objects or furniture. Translating to “wind-water” partly because these natural energies behave like a gas or liquid; free flowing and elegant. Like a whirlpool in a river, incorrect placement of natural elements, furniture, walls, beams, water features, bathrooms, windows, or anything in a space, can create a blockage or stagnant buildup of energy. But when feng-shui principles are followed accordingly, a building will look better, feel better, promote good health, and even improve a business’s success. Don’t take my word for it, ask Donald Trump and Oprah. After visiting China and seeing the success it had in homes and businesses, they incorporated Feng-shui in all their new buildings and offices.

Another way to think about this is the phenomena of conduction: The carrying of sound waves, electrons, heat, or nerve impulses through matter. You’re boiling water and leave a large metal spoon in the cooking pot. After several minutes heat will travel up the spoon, not just because of the steam, but because the individual atoms are vibrating faster (translating to heat in physics) and “bumping” the nearby atoms. Subsequently the chain reaction happens until the entire spoon is resonating at the same frequency.


Humans are highly complex, energetic beings. Our bodies are comprised of over 50% water and the brain is powered by 10-12 watts of electricity, enough to power a flashlight or charge an iPhone in 70 hours! Because water conducts electricity, our bodies are constantly surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy.

Whether someone is elated with joy or insanely depressed, their environment will be effected by them. The same way heat travels through metal, thoughts and emotions travel through air, wood, water, maybe a computer mouse, chair, pencil, or cell phone someones using. After enough time an object can be imbued with so much energy – like a spoon accumulating heat – it holds this impression for 10 minutes or even 1,000 years depending on the intensity and type of universal energy. A haunted civil war battlefield or Indian burial site is an example of long-lasting residual energy.

There are certain kinds of people and situations that can leave you feeling drained, and there are some that heal your mind, body and soul; leaving you energized. Or you bottle up your emotions and eventually either explode in anger or get physically sick later on. This is how energy hygiene impacts your life.

What does electricity and the soul have in common? More than you’d think…
The Luminous Body

They both consist of highly refined bits of matter, smaller than the molecules in your body – about 1/10,000 the width of a human hair. It’s a different type of matter, existing in a volatile form and in multiple dimensions of time and space. “Lightning in a bottle” can not only describe something that’s elusive and hard to catch, one could also use it as an analogy for the body’s ability to act as a vessel for the soul. A fleshy temple for a divine consciousness made of pure light.

I understand how this sounds to someone who’s new to this lifestyle or perhaps atheistic, looking at the world as if it’s cold and mechanical like 18th century scientists and philosophers. When you were first learning algebra or how to draw, the concepts didn’t make sense and seemed too hard to grasp. But one thing led to another, and one step at a time you made progress. The same applies to understanding these concepts and the path of evolution we take through time. Gradually the picture becomes clearer, one brush stroke at a time, until you see the entire masterpiece of creation.

Some people go their entire life never inquiring about ghosts, auras, or lingering energy; others have made this their life-path and written extensive works. Esoteric knowledge is a field of science on it’s own, and since it’s not aimed at creating new elements or conducting groundbreaking research, you don’t hear too much about it other than from independent media outlets like ConsciousLifeNews. For thousands of years – like science – each great master and teacher expanded on the previous understanding of the world and self.

With a little bit of digging into the right books and online resources, you realize that this knowledge is readily available to those who seek it. After attending the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles three times and meeting experts with 30+ years of research, I realized it takes devoted individuals to share this knowledge with everyone else; rekindling the spiritual fire of humanity and preserving the ancient ways.